Neuland Labs appoints Sucheth Davuluri as CEO

Author: Mendoza College

Neuland Laboratories has appointed Sucheth Rao Davuluri as the CEO of the company. An MBA from the University of Notre Dame, USA and a Mechanical Engineer by qualification, prior to joining Neuland, Davuluri worked for Cummins Inc. USA in operations and as an expert in Six Sigma for projects Davuluri joined Neuland in the year 2002 and in his previous role at Neuland he was the VP - Operations and chief operating officer (COO).Over the seven years that Davuluri has been at Neuland, he has played a key role in strengthening the company's operations by expanding capacities as well as streamlining processes. Davuluri s efforts across the multiple functions- operations, research & development and marketing have helped in establishing Neuland's reputation for being extremely reliable. Neuland has also moved towards achieving a leadership position in all major APIs manufactured by the company in each of its markets and successfully executing opportunities in contract research.