Nice Guys Finish Last After New Report Shows Mean People Make More Money

Author: Marisa Krystian

The following is a transcript from the International Business Times on research conducted by Management Professor Tim Judge.  To view the video and read the entire transcript visit:  Nice Guys Finish Last

According to the Wall Street Journal, it may not pay to be nice in the workplace.

Researchers examined the “agreeableness” of various subjects, based on self reported survey data.

They found that ‘agreeable’ workers earned significantly lower incomes than those who were ‘less agreeable,’ and that gap grew even wider for men.
The results show that men who measured below average on the agreeableness scale earned 18 percent more, or $9,772 more annually than the nicer, or more agreeable men in the test group.

When it comes to the ladies, ruder women earned about 5 percent, or $1,828 more annually than their more agreeable counterparts.