Notre Dame MSBA Student Bryan Duffy on Academics...

Author: Angela Sienko

“Of all the courses in the MSBA program, the one that has made the biggest impact for me is Data Management, which is taught in the first module. I started the course with little knowledge around the fundamental skills of data management, outside of it simply sitting on a server and being available for me when needed. The course taught the foundations of relational databases and how they’re structured to allow end-users — like me — to leverage them.

Duffy BryanBryan Duffy



I also learned how to write SQL queries so that I could extract and transform data from relational databases. Statistical programming languages weren’t foreign to me, but this course expanded my knowledge set in learning a new open source programming language. 


However, with all these new skills and techniques, I came to recognize and appreciate the responsibility around data governance, privacy and security. This helped me become an immediate resource for my department where I work: I’m a key liaison with our data management partners. I can relate to their roles on the projects we work on together, speak their language, and even help provide support when resources are tight. I even introduced the new statistical programming language to my colleagues and started leveraging it to increase my effectiveness and efficiency for day-to-day responsibilities. In terms of the MSBA program, this course had a tremendous impact on me, and the subsequent courses have been able to build on this data management and business analytics foundation.”