Notre Dame versus … zombies?

Author: Carol Elliott


The Fighting Irish have taken on their share of formidable opponents in their time: Wolverines, Cougars, Panthers and Trojans. But zombies?

In a clever short video created by a team of Notre Dame MBA students, zombies invade campus in search of brains, and the students must prevent a “zombie apocalypse” by battling the infiltrating hoard by virtue of their superior knowledge of business analytics and problem-solving tools.

So maybe SWOT analyses and issue trees aren’t the best defenses in warding off the walking dead, but still. It’s a creative idea.

The video was one of 10 created in the Commercialization Business Analytics Course (renamed Social Media Analytics for spring 2014) taught by Management Associate Professional Specialist Wendy Angst. The course examines how to identify and utilize available data to reduce risks inherent in the commercialization process – or the cycle of introducing a new product or service into the market for businesses at various stages of their lifecycle. In particular, the course covers how the use of digital media can impact that process, and covers topics such as how to identify the best social media platform for engaging with current and potential customers; how to “listen” to conversations on social platforms to inform product development, overall business direction, and reduce costs; and ultimately developing a purposeful social media strategy to support business goals.

“Social media has become pervasive in society,” says Angst.  “Research shows that 64 percent of Americans have an active social media account, and one in every four Americans watches at least one YouTube video per day.  Businesses no longer have to assume who their customers are; customers identify themselves, share their views on the offerings (positive and negative), and help with product and service development.  Companies have to be constantly listening and engaging with customers through social channels or customers will find another company who is.”

The videos were part of an assignment to create viral marketing content aimed at promoting a particular product or brand – in this case, the Notre Dame MBA. The teams also were tasked with making their mini-productions “go viral,” or proliferate through social media channels in much the way that “David After Dentist” gained 117 million views.

Here’s the list of videos, which are posted to YouTube. Watch, enjoy and pass them on!

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