Student Perspective: Course with the biggest impact

Author: Kyle Nienaber

Kyle Nienaber

“The course that has made the biggest impact on me from this program was Introduction to Business Analytics, taught by Kevin Hartman. This course was taught entirely during our first week of class, the orientation week in South Bend. I believe this course had the biggest impact on me because it helped solidify my interest in data analytics, right from the beginning of the program. Despite reading up on the industry and learning as much as possible from the application/interview process, I came into this program still somewhat confused what a data analyst did and how their work was being applied. 
Not only did Kevin’s class help clear up my confusion, he provided some incredible examples and insight into the history and current state of the industry. It exceeded my expectations in terms of the knowledge he was able to provide on the industry, especially in terms of his personal experience from several years working with clients in his role as a head of analytics at Google. Throughout the course, he was very conversational and shared as much knowledge as he could in order to help us all better understand the role of data analytics in today’s world. I believe the way he taught the course, more so than what the actual content was, made this class very impactful to everyone in the class. The open discussion format that Kevin used in presenting the history, current state, and future of the industry was the best aspect of the course.
There are many classes that I am taking and will take during the course of this program that will give me important skills for a future in data analytics. I believe the introduction course will prove to be the most impactful one, because it gave me much excitement for the rest of this educational journey and my future in the industry.”