Student Perspective: My Career and the ND MSBA Program

Author: Alissa Wong

As a Data and AI Consultant at Microsoft, I have exposure to a wide range of top tier technologies and resources. I am often asked, why then, did I decided to pursue a graduate degree in business analytics? While I have the opportunity to work with a variety of customers on different analytical solutions, I noticed that the usual perspective I exercised was from a consulting angle; the main technologies I worked with were from the Microsoft stack.

Alissa Wong

Two years into my role, I became interested in expanding both my technical and business acumen. I knew that the better I could understand my customers – regardless of their industry or technological architecture – the better I could support them. I found Notre Dame’s Master of Science in Business Analytics program to be the perfect fit. 

The curriculum consisted of many topics I have heard of but haven’t had the chance to delve deep into. The part time program would allow for me to apply my learnings immediately to my job, and I knew that the business and analytics skills I would acquire would be valuable regardless of the role I took in the future. 

Three months into the program, I have already been able to utilize my new skills to complete advanced customer requests. The program is rigorous and moves at a fast pace, but also demonstrates value in a short amount of time. I have learned of roles and opportunities that I did not know existed in the field, as well as built relationships with classmates, professors, and faculty that I would not have otherwise. I look forward to continue growing in my classes, applying the knowledge I have learned to my current job, and exploring new career opportunities in business analytics.