Student Perspective: Why I Chose ND for my MSBA Degree

Author: Angel Zambrano

“As an undergraduate student at the University of Notre Dame, I quickly realized just how lucky I was with the choice I made to go there. From the onset of the application process, I saw that Notre Dame was unique. My undergraduate experience was one in which I genuinely felt supported and always knew I would have a ‘dome away from home’. It was this feeling, this indescribable characteristic that guided my search as I looked to further my education.

Angel Zambrano

As I considered the different prospects for attending graduate school, I gave great consideration towards the values and reputation of the institution. I also wanted to attend a school where the faculty came from diverse backgrounds and had a focus on values in the topics covered. In the end, no other program coupled an MSBA degree with the level of individualized support that comes from a Notre Dame education. 

My time in the MSBA program so far has shown me that the level of personal, professional, and intellectual growth we as a class are experiencing is enhanced in a large part by the way in which the faculty and staff truly care about each person. Everyone I have had the pleasure of interacting with has shown me respect, compassion, and a genuine interest in my development as a student and individual.

In his opening address to the MSBA class of 2019, Mendoza College of Business Dean Roger Huang stated that the primary focus of the ND business school was to develop us into professionals who can go into the world, “to do well while also doing good”. These words resonate with me as I have come to realize that the values-based teachings at Notre Dame have, and continue to shape me into a better person.

My undergraduate experience taught me that going to school is not just about what you learn, but the community that you belong to while learning. The MSBA program has complemented my undergraduate experience by expanding the amount of resources and mentorship available to students from those in my undergraduate career. 

I did not think that I could top by first four years as a Notre Dame student but clearly, the Masters programs take it one step further by having even more resources available to students from the faculty, staff, and other members of the Notre Dame community. In addition, the culture at Notre Dame insures that those of us lucky enough to call ourselves Domers graduate with the skills and passion to do well for ourselves while also doing good for others.”