Student Perspective: Why I Chose the ND MSBA Program

Author: Chris Capozzi

“I chose to enroll in the Notre Dame MSBA program because of its perfect blend of technical proficiency and managerial business acumen, which develops its students to fit perfectly into the upper stratus of the data science industry. Students are molded to make strategic managerial decisions based on a wealth of technical knowledge that covers topics of the entire data industry. At the same time, classes in the program allow for a deep dive into each subject, rather than a shallow overview.

Capozzi Christopher

Another important factor in my decision was the executive formatting. The focused timing of the curriculum, in both class sessions and overall program, fit both my job demands and personal responsibilities. However, I was initially concerned with the resulting pace and workload expectations from such a compression without reduction in scope. Being taught at an executive level, classes flow at a quick pace with the expectation that you come prepared, in both readings and assignments, and remain attentive. Lectures progress quickly and don’t often look back.

This may seem daunting, but should not scare anyone serious about entering the program. The professors teach in such a way that holds your attention, along with a promotion of interaction and hands-on learning. The lectures are all built in a practical manner, while also inclusive of the theoretical aspects of subjects, so understanding and retention come easily. You are also navigating a set curriculum with one consistent cohort. This ensures a small class size, where you have focused teaching and aid from the professors. Additionally, you have a solid support base from your classmates; who come from an extensive range of background experiences. The program hits hard and fast, but it is also modeled to help you keep pace. 

With a wealth of experience in a wide breadth of applicable industries, the Notre Dame MSBA professors make business application easy and implementation into one’s current work instant. My current position has a very shallow and narrow use of data analytics. Even so, I have been able to apply at least a few aspects of every course into my daily work. A huge help to this has been the direct aid from my professors, who actively push us to work with them on the application and development of our newly learned skills into our current positions. The greatest impact on my job so far, and even my perception of data science, has been from my classes on data visualization. Previously, I had no idea that there was such an art and aesthetic aspect to data science. My company has been very receptive of my introduction of the true methods and ideology of data visualization; expanding my responsibilities further into the field.”