Student Perspecttive: Why I Chose the ND MSBA Program

Author: Kevin Bruns

“While going through the process of applying to Analytics programs there were a few elements I was looking for: what would I be learning, how would I be learning it, and what reputation the school had. 

It was important that the curriculum match with what I was trying to accomplish; which was a mix for technical skills to address strategic business problems. The Notre Dame MSBA program was one of the few programs that really focused on the Business aspect of the degree.

Bruns Kevin

When doing my research on Analytics programs one thing I came across was that the majority of the programs were offered in an online format. Which has become a very popular offering for master programs targeted for working professionals. It was important to me that I found a program where I would be in the classroom and learning from professors instead of through a computer screen. One thing that I overlooked in the beginning but am very grateful for now is the unique team setup the MSBA program has in place. Not only have I learn from Notre Dame’s leading professors but I have been able to learn just as much from my teammates as the professors. I think this is a very unique quality that the MSBA program has that the majority of the Analytic programs do not have. It also translate into the real world because the majority of you career you are working in teams to accomplish a goal. The MSBA program really forces you to improve your teamwork and communication skills – which is an added bonus.

One of the most important aspect I was looking for in a master’s program was the school’s reputation. Growing up in Chicago I was always aware of how prestigious Notre Dame was and what it meant to be an Alumni. It wasn’t until I started working full time in Chicago that I realized what the Mendoza College of Business name really meant. I have come across many distinguished professionals in the Chicago area that are Mendoza Alumni and that really resonated with me when making a decision between programs. While being a part-time program, away from campus for the majority of the program, the Mendoza leadership makes you feel like a part of the family.

Out of all the analytic programs I truly believe that the Notre Dame MSBA program offers the best mix of a challenging and real world curriculum, distinguished professionals, as well as classmates, and a network second to none in the business world.”