Student Perspective: Career Development and the MSBA Degree

Author: Peter Topa

“When I tell someone I'm pursing my Masters of Science in Business Analytics, more often than not the first question they have is “What are you going to do with that?” It's a pretty humorous question due to the growing demand and wide application of the field, but given that I'm in technology sales I understand their confusion.

Topa Peter

After my first week of classes, I already felt that I was getting a return on my investment. My day to day is typically spent engaging with healthcare executives -- primarily CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, and VP of Sales -- learning about their challenges and goals, and providing a point of view about industry trends and how technology can help achieve their goals. The conversations with CIOs are often the most challenging. During that first week of class, I researched and wrote a paper about [the Internet of Things] (IoT) and the future of health insurance in my Business Analytics class and started to learn about the foundations of data management in my class with Professor Mike Chapple. I was able to apply this research and foundational concepts in my conversations after that first week and establish a new level of credibility with CIOs, driving new value for my customers and expediting my sales process. 

After the completion of the program, I immediately see a few options for myself: pivoting internally to a more analytical role, specializing in IoT sales where a knowledge of analytics is key, or transitioning into leadership. These will be easily achievable with the skillsets and leadership traits I will have learned in this program, and the career services Notre Dame provides are an asset in helping you identify what you are best suited for and what you will enjoy doing as well. 

My long term career term goals are to lead a healthcare tech organization with a focus on IoT, and use the principles learned in this program to impact business change, be an asset to the organization, and improve people's lives. 

So when people ask me what I'm going do with the degree, the answer is simple: Pretty much anything.”