Sudeep Sanan, MBA ’17

Author: Lynn Freehill-Maye



What it Means to Carry the ‘Notre Dame’ Name

Sudeep Sanan, MBA ’17, lands a job with his dream company--and carries forward a commitment of excellence

Armed with knowledge from his professors and career coaches at the University of Notre Dame, Sudeep Sanan, MBA ’17, went into an internship with Amazon last summer swinging.

He joined the Amazon operations team as a senior manager in Las Vegas and was immediately given an ambiguous operations problem to puzzle over. Sanan drew (quite literally) on his Business Problem Solving course with Professor Viva Bartkus to study the question. He spent a week drawing out an issue tree: analyzing why the problem existed, generating all the possible options, and presenting solutions in a balanced framework.

His manager was impressed. “He said this is something that they could actually make projects out of for the next 10 or 15 more internships,” Sanan remembers. “I personally thank Professor Viva. Without her I couldn’t have broken that problem down into the different reasons behind it.”

 Sanan’s Career Services coach--who’d helped him with résumé reviews, mock interviews and every other step toward landing the summer position—had advised Sanan never to eat lunch alone during his internship. Sanan, a former senior analyst at Accenture, took that advice and immersed himself in Amazon’s corporate culture and his colleagues there. He found he relished it.

After his internship, Amazon reached out to him to lead a group of 20 Notre Dame students on a visit to the company’s Indianapolis fulfillment center. That’s when he knew he’d represented Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business well. Amazon hired him full-time post-graduation as a senior program manager.

In the meantime, heavy club involvement also helped Sanan develop his leadership abilities and, as a native of India, his cross-cultural communication skills. Having been involved in corporate social responsibility at Accenture, Sanan served as VP of marketing for Net Impact, which advocates for businesses to employ socially and environmentally sustainable practices.

Over the course of the two-year program, Sanan also served as a leader in the Marketing Club. And as VP of the MBA Association, which oversees all student clubs, he helped overhaul the organization's structure. That involved negotiating with 20 other club leaders to arrive at new registration processes, meeting times, and events so the groups could reach more people.

He leaves the classmates he served and the University he loved with a profound new sense of identity. “After I graduate I’m no longer just Sudeep Sunan,” he says. “I’m Sudeep Sanan, University of Notre Dame, Mendoza College of Business, graduate of the class of 2017, so I need to carry that name forward.”