Support the Integral Leadership Development Program

Author: Angela Sienko

For the past 16 years, the John Cardinal O’Hara Society, which recognizes the generous supporters of Mendoza’s business programs, has played an integral role in transforming these programs at Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business.


From initiatives that have helped improve the overall student experience to fundraisers that have helped provide fellowships and enhancements to program curriculums, the society continuously supports the college and its growing list of programs (seven total).

Chief among the society’s initiatives to better the learning experience is the Integral Leadership Development (ILD) program—a values-based leadership development program designed for MBA students. Students enrolled in ILD will:

  • Gain clarity on personal values
  • Understand the difference between managing and leading
  • Enhance their ability to think critically and lead change
  • Recognize that leaders must achieve results, model values, and create sustained, exceptional value
  • Commit to taking responsibility for one’s own leadership development.

“For years the O'Hara Society has provided funding to areas of greatest need for Notre Dame's Graduate Business programs, and we are especially proud to support Integral Leadership Development, an important funding priority that will have a significant impact on hundreds of students each year,” says Jim Cunningham (MBA ’13), director of the John Cardinal O’Hara Society.

The O’Hara Society has launched a fundraiser specifically for the ILD program, and it’s looking to graduate business alumni to help.

“People want to give back to what’s important to them, and this is a unique opportunity for alumni and friends to bring a brand new learning experience to our students that will add tremendous value to the Notre Dame MBA program,” Cunningham says.

Get a glimpse of the ILD from an academic perspective by viewing this video. For more information about the John Cardinal O’Hara Society and membership benefits, visit