The Network in Action: Where Notre Dame MBAs are interning

Author: Notre Dame News

During Summer 2018, Notre Dame MBA students are interning at 82 different companies spread across the U.S. and the world. 


For students and alumni, the iconic Notre Dame campus will always feel like home. For many, when you step foot on campus, take in a view of the Dome, visit the Grotto or experience any number of well-known campus aspects, there is a magical feeling and sense that Notre Dame is the place to be. This sense of home doesn't leave you when you graduate, even though you may live elsewhere. Notre Dame is the heart, pumping out leaders in every industry to all parts of the United States and the world. 

From the time you step foot on campus as a Notre Dame student, you become a part of the Irish family. Like most large Irish families, ours is spread all across the United States and the world, as evidenced by the 270 Notre Dame Clubs in 43 countries around the world. In preparation for summer internships, Notre Dame MBA students tapped into the legendary Irish network to land internships at 82 different companies around the world.

The Notre Dame name stands for greatness and helps set our students apart, and attending Notre Dame will prepare you to reach your fullest potential and take you wherever your heart desires. The Irish family will help you find a home in whatever geographic location you may want, while knowing that Notre Dame is always home. The Notre Dame network is as strong as ever and no matter where you go in the world, you’ll be sure to find a member of the family. 

Top Internship Metro Areas
New York City 17
Chicago 14
San Francisco / Bay Area 9
Charlotte 5
Seattle 5
Houston 5
Dallas 4
Austin 4
Minneapolis 4
Top Internship Hiring Companies
Bank of America
Johnson & Johnson
JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Explore the map below to find where students are interning near you this summer.