The Secret to Happier Employees: Do Good

Author: Zack Anchors

Conserve energy and you just might see other bottom-line benefits as well, like lower costs and valuable tax breaks. But recent research by Ante Glavas and Matt Bloom, management professors at the University of Notre Dame, suggests environmentally responsible business practices offer another, previously overlooked benefit: satisfied and engaged employees.

The research:Business for the Greater Good

The findings: As far as motivating factors go, money or other traditional carrots often aren’t enough; employees also want to feel that they’re part of a company that does good in the world. “We’re finding that one of the best ways companies can create productive and engaged employees is to offer them a way to bring their values to work,” says Glavas. “The more they embed social and environmental values and missions into their business, the more successful they’ll be at creating a contented workforce.”

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