Veteran's Day Profile: David Norton, MBA Candidate 2019, U.S. Navy

Author: Ryan Millbern

David Norton Smaller

David Norton, MBA candidate 2019, U.S. Navy

Military duration: U.S. Navy, 2003-present                 

Duties & Special Qualifications: E-2C Hawkeye Mission Commander, Assistant Strike Operations Officer, Officer of the Deck     


Inspiration to join the military:         

I wanted to serve my country and give back, but I also specifically joined the Navy to be able to stay close to the water. I grew up on the shores of Lake Erie. In joining the Navy I knew that I would always be close to the water.


Decision to pursue an ND Degree:  

The University’s values and support for veterans in the MBA program is just amazing. Transitioning from the military is a major life event and I felt that Notre Dame offered the supportive environment that I needed in order to navigate the next step for both myself and my family. My wife and I have a four-month-old son. Just yesterday our babysitter fell through and I had an informational interview scheduled at Mendoza. The woman at the front desk offered to watch our son for a little while so that I could keep my appointment. That’s just one example of how supportive the Notre Dame family is.


Decision to choose Mendoza:

I wanted to pivot into a role in finance and I knew that Notre Dame has a strong finance program that would allow me to be successful in this pursuit. Additionally, I knew the classes would be smaller at Mendoza and that I’d get to know my classmates better and build a great network leaving the university. Finally, we have a very strong Veterans Club, which was the first interaction that I had with the program. I currently serve as the chair of external relations for the club, coordinating with companies to find placement for other members.


Similarities between the military and ND:

When Father Sorin founded the university, he saw it as a great force for good. One of the Navy’s mottos is “A Global Force for Good.” Both tie in to looking at the bigger picture and serving a higher purpose.


Future Plans:

I have a job lined up with JP Morgan in Indianapolis in their private banking and wealth management division. I’ll be helping families establish strong foundations to preserve their wealth for future generations and achieve their life goals. I also plan to continue to serve in the Naval Reserves, which will allow me to continue to serve my country.