Veteran's Day Profile: Kyle Devlin, MBA Candidate 2020, U.S. Coast Guard

Author: Ryan Millbern

Kevin Devlin Smaller

Kyle Devlin, MBA candidate 2020

Military duration: U.S. Coast Guard August 2014 – Present; Active Duty 4 years, Currently in the Reserves Duties: Port Engineer

Special Qualifications: Lieutenant; Contracting Officer, Level 3; Life Cycle Logistics Officer, Level 1


Inspiration to join the military:         

Growing up, the tragic events of 9/11 had a big impact on my life, and I wanted to find a way to serve. My father was in the Coast Guard for a few years. When I was 22, I wanted to save lives and defend our coastline because I thought that was a really important mission.


Decision to pursue an ND degree:

I applied to Notre Dame and to flight school. My fiancée asked what would happen if I got into both and I told her I wouldn’t. I got into both, so I had a decision to make. I liked the challenge of reinventing myself in a new career and wanted to develop my business skills. I also felt my professional ceiling after Notre Dame would be higher.


Decision to choose Mendoza:

I went to undergrad at UC Santa Barbara where I was just another number. There was no faith or core values, so that was something I was looking for coming out of the military. I also really liked Notre Dame’s alumni network, and I grew up watching Notre Dame football. All of these things captivated me.


Similarities between the military and ND:

Both the Coast Guard and Notre Dame’s emphasis on core values is similar. In the Coast Guard, I had honor, respect and devotion to duty. Right now I’m looking for jobs through Notre Dame alumni and everyone I’ve come into contact with—both civilians and veterans alike—value honor and respect and service above self.


Future plans:

A lot of people in my position are really functional, looking to do banking or something specific in finance. I’m just looking for a great company where I can continue to develop as a leader in a job that makes me happy. I’m not worried about the money; coming out of Notre Dame, I’m sure that part will take care of itself. I want something that I truly enjoy doing.