Veteran's Day Profile, Robert J. Dulin, MBA Candidate 2019, U.S. Marine Corps

Author: Ryan Millbern

Rj Dulin Smaller

Robert J. Dulin, MBA candidate 2019, U.S. Marine Corps

Military Duration: U.S. Marine Corps, 2012-present

Duties: Infantry; Ground Supply Officer

Special Qualifications: Officer Candidate School, Infantry Anti-tank millileman course, French Commando Course


Inspiration to join the military:

My dad was in the Marine Corps for 30 years, so I grew up a military brat. When I was in undergrad, I decided I wanted to pursue it after school. I went to Virginia Tech, and there’s a strong military connection there, too. I had a lot of friends and family that were serving at the time, Afghanistan was going on—I felt the call to action.


Decision to pursue an ND degree:
A fellow MBA veteran reached out to me and encouraged me to attend a Domer for a Day event. When I visited, I found the strength of the veteran community here was different than what I had seen elsewhere. The proportion of veterans in Mendoza and how close knit they all were really pushed me to come to Notre Dame.


Decision to choose Mendoza:
The thing I liked about Mendoza was the concentration on finance and analytics. I didn’t have a lot of exposure to analytics prior to Mendoza. Before coming, I worked as a government contractor doing acquisitions for the Coast Guard. I liked learning about analytics, but I didn’t have the training or background in it to feel confident in that piece of the work. Also, the emphasis on business ethics was attractive and a differentiator from other schools.


Similarities between the military and Notre Dame:

Alumni go out of their way to help each other out, which is very similar to what I found in the military, where vets and marines are always reaching out to each other. It’s a leave-no-man-behind-type mentality. Notre Dame is all about helping students out with school, career or anything going on with life. There’s just a really strong community here.


Future plans:

I’ll be graduating in May 2019, and I’ve accepted a position at JP Morgan Chase in Wilmington, Delaware, starting in August 2019. I’m going to continue to serve in the Reserves for at least another year. Once I start the new job and see what the work demands are, I’ll decide if I can devote the adequate amount of time needed for the Reserves.