Veteran's Day Profile: Robert Singley, MBA Candidate 2019, U.S. Army

Author: Ryan Millbern

Robert Singley Smaller

Robert Singley, MBA candidate 2019, U.S. Army

Military duration: U.S. Army, 2007-2015

Duties: Captain; Telecommunications Officer


Inspiration to join the military:         

It was more of an opportunity than an inspiration. I was into technology at a very early age. My dad worked for IBM and we always had technology around the house. As much as I was a self-proclaimed computer nerd, I was also involved in Boy Scouts and the Civil Air Patrol growing up, learning basic military skills.


Decision to pursue an ND degree:  

I had a buddy who I went to West Point with who was here and I talked to him about it. When I came to visit and interview, I fell in love with the campus and the community. I also learned about Notre Dame’s rich history with veterans. It’s important for vets as they transition out of service to find a community—and the Notre Dame community is really supportive.


Decision to choose Mendoza:

When it comes down to it, it’s really the people and the sense of community that you feel here. That’s what matters at the end of the day. Years after you graduate, it’s all about the connections you build at Notre Dame.


Similarities between the military and ND:

Teamwork is something that’s very important in both the military and at Notre Dame. People here are really willing to help each other out—and no one is in it for themselves. As we prep for interviews and assignments, no one’s afraid to ask for help because you know you’ll be able to pay it forward later.


Future Plans:

My goal is to be a product manager for a tech company that builds consumer-facing products. I love people and I want to help understand their pain points and develop products that solve those problems.