Veteran's Day Profile: Scott Mathis, MBA Candidate 2020, U.S. Air Force

Author: Ryan Millbern

Scott Mathis Smaller

Scott Mathis, MBA candidate 2020

Military duration: 2012-Present                                   

Duties: Air Force Active Duty

Special Qualifications: Captain, Air Force; Acquisitions Program Manager                              


Inspiration to join the military:         

My inspiration was two-fold: I wanted to play Division 1 hockey and I wanted to be part of a mission that was a lot bigger than myself. I played varsity hockey at the Air Force Academy all four years I was there. The people I met during my recruiting trip to the Academy really sealed the deal. I knew I wanted to be part of that culture and that family after experiencing it firsthand.


Decision to pursue an ND Degree:

I came to campus on a visit and loved the people that I met. It was similar to what I felt when I went to the Air Force Academy: it was a culture and a family that I wanted to be a part of.       


Decision to choose Mendoza:

The Veterans Club presence within the MBA program was one of the main recruiting highlights. The smaller class size was also a huge factor. In the Air Force Academy we were never in a class that was more than 30 students. Having that intimacy with your professors and getting to know everyone else in your class was important to me while looking at MBA programs.


Similarities between the military and ND:

Just like in the military, there’s a broader force for good here that we can tap into. The Air Force’s core values--Integrity First, Service Before Self and Excellence in All We Do--pair well with Mendoza’s mission to Ask More of Business. It was something I was able to easily identify and connect with.


Future Plans:

I’m going back to the Air Force Academy to teach. I’ll be an associate professor in the Management Department, teaching some mixture of finance, accounting and investments.