Volunteers needed! Help support the Irish alumni network

Author: Carol Elliott

Volunteers needed! Help support the Irish alumni network

The love and affinity for all things Irish extends far beyond the physical borders of the campus. And for many alums, even the name “Notre Dame” brings a sense of community, no matter where they roam. 

The Notre Dame alumni network is a powerful force for connectedness to be celebrated and fostered. To help achieve that, the Graduate Alumni Relations Department is seeking alumni who would like to strengthen the graduate business alumni network in their local area. The alums will be part of a new volunteer program of Graduate Business Alumni Directors.

“Ultimately, this is an attempt to create more interaction, networking opportunities and professional development opportunities for our graduate business alumni,” said Tim Ponisciak, director of Graduate Alumni Relations. “By utilizing volunteers, we can increase the breadth of options available for graduate business alumni to continue to benefit from their Notre Dame experience. My hope is that this initiative results in alumni having a stronger bond with the University and with each other.”

The idea is for the alumni group to organize regular events in the cities where they live and work. The events could include leadership conversations, networking receptions, industry-focused breakfast meetings or business book clubs.

Graduate Alumni Relations will help to facilitate the launch of the program and will help to coordinate with local alumni clubs. Ponisciak said he plans for the program to be fully launched by the beginning of 2013.

Ponisciak—who will act as the liaison between the directors and the University, and will provide assistance with events—said the department currently is looking for alumni to volunteer for the effort in the following cities: New York, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., San Francisco, Indianapolis, Chicago and South Bend. Some locations need a point-person to head the program in that city, while all city groups could use volunteers in other capacities.

If you are interested in becoming involved and organizing local business alumni events, email Tim Ponisciak at tponisci@nd.edu.