Why invest in leadership development?

Author: Sue Callaghan

Developing yourself as a leader is intuitive, right? Not exactly, says Notre Dame Executive Education program faculty Mel Dowdy, Ph.D., a view supported by a Journal of Applied Psychology study examining the predictors of successfully rising to the next level of responsibility. Those who are attentive to developing themselves are 51 percent more likely to succeed in ascending to the next leadership position. Only 32 percent of leadership predictability is due to genetics, while the remaining 17 percent is attributable to previous roles and experience. 

One of the first steps toward developing yourself more fully in order to lead and genuinely inspire others is to understand who you are. To examine the values you hold, and how they influence the way you make decisions and impact others. Notre Dame Executive Education offers a values-based approach to leadership through three signature programs. Join the right program for you to enhance your leadership success. Find out about the September, October and November sessions for senior executives, successful and emerging leaders at executive.nd.edu/integralportfolio. Call Sue Callaghan , Assistant Director for Integral Leadership at 574-631-0564 with questions.