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Timothy Gilbride

Steve and Anne Odland Associate Professor of Marketing
  399 Mendoza College of Business
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Tim Gilbride’s research focuses on the development of Bayesian statistical methods to assist researchers and managers to better understand consumer preferences and to make decisions under uncertainty. In recent papers, he developed a method for combining observed market share and survey based preference data, investigated price framing effects, and has developed methods for modeling variable selection and non-compensatory consumer decision processes.

Gilbride teaches courses in marketing research at both the undergraduate and graduate level. He majored in Economics at the University of Dayton and obtained an MBA from The Ohio State University. He worked in marketing research and consulting at Goodyear, Booz Allen & Hamilton, and Aetna before going back to Ohio State to obtain his PhD in Business Administration.

BSBA, University of Dayton
MA, Ohio State University
MBA, Ohio State University
Ph D, Ohio State University

Areas of Expertise
Discrete Choice Models
Bayesian Applications in Marketing
Non-Compensatory Decision Models

Editorial Boards
Editorial Board Member
Quantitative Marketing and Economics
January, 2013

Editorial Board Member
Journal of Marketing Research

Marketing Analytics
Marketing Research
"From Browsing to Buying and Beyond: The Needs-Adaptive Shopper Journey Model", (With Leonard Lee, Jeffrey Inman, Tim Bottger, Uptal Dholakia, Koert Ittersum, Barbara Kahn, Ajay Kalra, Donald Lehmann, Leigh McAlister, Venkatesh Shenkar, Clair Tsai), Journal of the Association for Consumer Research - Accepted (awaiting publication)

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"Notre Dame Chair in Business Associate Professor of Marketing", University of Notre Dame/Mendoza College of Business, 2015

"Professor of the Year, Traditional MBA Program", Mendoza College of Business, University of Notre Dame, 2015

"Rev. Edmund P. Joyce, CSC, Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching", University of Notre Dame, 2015

"James Dincolo Teaching Award", Department of Marketing, Mendoza College of Business, University of Notre Dame, 2013

"Top 30 Faculty Honors", Mendoza College of Business, 2008

"Young Scholar Designation", Marketing Science Institue, 2007

"Best Presentation Award", American Marketing Assocition A/R/T Forum, 2006

"Finalist, John D.C. Little Award", INFORMS, 2005

"Doctoral Consortium Fellow", American Marketing Associtation, 2003