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Brad Badertscher

Deloitte Foundation Department Chair of Accountancy; Deloitte Professor of Accountancy
  393B Mendoza College of Business
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Brad Badertscher is the Deloitte Professor of Accountancy and the department chair of the Accountancy department. Brad researches financial accounting issues, focusing on financial report quality. In recent papers, he examined fair value accounting, tax aggressiveness, and private firm accounting. Brad is also an Editor at The Accounting Review. Brad teaches an accounting research class as well as Measurement and Disclosure II, an intermediate-level financial accounting course. Badertscher earned his MBA and PhD in Accounting from the University of Iowa.

Ph D, University of Iowa
MBA, University of Iowa
BS, University of Nebraska - Kearney

Areas of Expertise
Financial Accounting

Editorial Boards
Editorial Board Member
Journal of Financial Reporting
June 1, 2015

Editor & Editorial Board
The Accounting Review
June 1, 2016 - August, 2020

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"Best Paper Award", Financial Accounting and Reporting Section, 2013

"PricewaterhouseCoopers Faculty Fellow", 2011