Mendoza School of Business

Craig Iffland

Assistant Teaching Professor; Program Director Notre Dame Business Honors Program
Business Ethics and Society
  277 Mendoza College of Business
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Craig Iffland’s primary research interest is in the moral theology of St. Thomas Aquinas. His dissertation, 'Following and Not-Following the Divine Law' explores Aquinas' account of moral obligation conversation with Aquinas's contemporaries and later interpreters. His other research interests include the history and development of Catholic Social Thought, the philosophy of Elizabeth Anscombe, and the moral limits of justified warfare.

Ph D, University of Notre Dame
MTS, University of Notre Dame
MLitt., University of St. Andrews
BA, University of Virginia

"Revelation and Film", (With Omar Shaukat), The Oxford Handbook of Divine Revelation, Oxford University Press, 2021

"Practical Wisdom: Good Reasoning or Good Action?", Evolution of Wisdom: Major and Minor Keys, Center for Theology, Science, and Human Flourishing

"Precursors to the Justification and Explanation of Action: the Practical Wisdom of Early Childhood", The Evolution of Human Wisdom, Lexington Books

"Aquinas, Property, and the Obligation to Distribute Superfluous Wealth", APEE Conference, 2022

"Property, Polity, and Human Flourishing in Thomas Aquinas", Veritas Conference, Providence College, 2022

"The Morality of Precision Bombing", Society for Christian Ethics, 2018