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Emily N. Garbinsky is an Assistant Professor of Marketing at the University of Notre Dame's Mendoza College of Business. As a consumer psychologist, she studies how and when money can increase happiness - finding that money can positively impact happiness, consumption enjoyment, and relationship satisfaction depending on how it is managed, saved, and spent. Her empirical approach includes primary data collection, such as lab and field experiments, as well as secondary data analysis of bank transaction records and publicly available longitudinal surveys. Her research highlights how various consumer financial decisions can impact happiness by focusing on three streams of research: 1) understanding financial decision-making within romantic couples, 2) motivating individual consumers to make wiser choices with their money, and 3) helping consumers to spend money in ways that will increase their enjoyment of consumption experiences.

She has published articles in leading journals such as the Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Consumer Psychology, and Psychological Science, and her research has been featured in popular press including The Atlantic, The New York Times, and Scientific American. She earned a Ph.D. in marketing from Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business in June 2015, and a B.S. in psychology and decision science from Carnegie Mellon University in May 2010. At Notre Dame, she currently teaches Principles of Marketing at the undergraduate level and Consumer Behavior at the MBA level, earning the James Dincolo Outstanding Professor Award in April 2018.

Ph D, Stanford University
BS, Carnegie Mellon University

Areas of Expertise
Consumer Financial Decision-Making
Consumer Happiness

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