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Xinxue Qu

Assistant Professor
IT, Analytics, and Operations
  354 Mendoza College of Business
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Xinxue (Shawn) Qu is an Assistant Professor of IT, Analytics, and Operations at the Mendoza College of Business. His research focuses on developing analytical models and proposing system design solutions that guide business innovations and provide insights for policy makers. Under the unified theme of technology innovation management, his work focus on three main research areas: (1) diffusion of technological innovation, (2) competitive strategies in innovation management, and (3) economics of machine learning in innovation applications. To answer these questions, he is passionate about multi-method applications (e.g., economic modeling, game theory, optimization, econometrics, machine learning and deep learning) and interdisciplinary collaboration. His research has been published in top business journals such as MIS Quarterly, Production and Operations Management, and Decision Sciences.

Xinxue (Shawn) has a PhD in Information Systems from the Ivy College of Business at the Iowa State University, an MS degree in Software Engineering from Peking University, China, and a BS degree in Management Information Systems from University of International Business and Economics (UIBE), China.

Ph D, Iowa State University
MS, Peking University
BS, University of International Business and Economics

Areas of Expertise
Digital Innovation
Data Management

"Capitalizing on the Moment: The Strategic Role of Information Disclosure in Online Crowdfunding", (With Hemant Bhargava, Shawn Qu, Yoon Seock Son, Daewon Sun), Production and Operations Management - Accepted (awaiting publication)

"Predicting Time to Upgrade under Successive Product Generations: A Survival Model with Exponential-Decay Baseline Function", (With Aslan Lotfi, Dipak Jain, Zhengrui Jiang), Production and Operations Management, 31, 2022

"Optimal Market Entry Timing for Successive Generations of Technological Innovations", (With Zhengrui Jiang, Dipak Jain), MIS Quarterly, 43, 2019

"A Time-Based Dynamic Synchronization Policy for Consolidated Database Systems", (With Zhengrui Jiang), MIS Quarterly, 43, 2019

"The Economics of Public Beta Testing", (With Zhengrui Jiang, Kevin Scheibe, Sree Nilakanta), Decision Sciences, 48, 2017