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4 Tips for Standing Up for What You Believe In

Published: September 28, 2016 / Author:

Excerpt from 4 Tips for Standing Up for What You Believe In:

4. Reframe the conflict.

Ann Tenbrunsel, Ph.D., a professor of business ethics at the Mendoza College of Business at the University of Notre Dame and the research director of their Institute for Ethical Business Worldwide, believes acting morally courageous is a simple matter of mindset. In one of her studies, participants were posed with a hypothetical dilemma. But first, half of them were told to think of a business decision, while the other half were told to think of an ethical decision. Then, after an unrelated task to distract them, they were given the opportunity to cheat. The business group was much likelier to lie and cheat than the ethical group. Same option, opposite outcomes—all because of a mindset shift. Try framing your predicaments as ethical ones, too, before considering the other facets.

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