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“Once a Domer, Always a Domer”: Alumna Jacqueline Lopez (MSF ’19)

Published: February 1, 2021 / Author: Jacqueline Lopez

Read along as alumna Jacqueline Lopez shares how Notre Dame’s Chicago-based M.S. in Finance program helped her secure a job at Microsoft and expand her skill set.

There were multiple factors that ultimately led me to pursue my Master of Science in Finance at Mendoza. First, I was able to continue working full-time in Chicago and didn’t have to put my career on pause while furthering my education.

Second, the schedule flexibility of alternating weekends allowed me to maintain a healthy life balance, and the small cohort size ensured I received more hands-on learning from faculty and peers. The curriculum offered both breadth and depth into the finance field and helped me identify my passions.

By obtaining a Master of Science in Finance at Mendoza, I was able to quickly pivot my career from working for a small business that operated in the manufacturing sector to joining one of the largest companies in the technology industry.

I immediately landed a role after graduation in Microsoft’s Finance Leadership Development Program, which builds a pipeline of future leaders in finance. My Mendoza experience encourages me to use finance as a force for good. These values are constant in my work to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.

[During the program,] I chose to complete a concentration in corporate finance – an academic discipline that I explored via deep dives into courses like Financing the Firm and Working Capital Management during [the program’s] immersion week. My peers and faculty brought their experiences into the course material and tied the academia to real business scenarios, which offered valuable perspective.

After earning my M.S. in Finance, I was able to contribute my technical and interpersonal skills enhanced by the program to business challenges in the workplace. The group projects and presentations set me up for success to be a collaborative influence and effective communicator. I leverage tools learned in the program like Bloomberg, Excel, and RStudio to make a positive impact in the areas of data analysis, modeling, forecasting and reporting.

The Notre Dame family is a community I am proud to be a part of. The network has incredible presence to leverage across industries and I have found individuals are always willing to connect.

Once a Domer, always a Domer.

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