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Apple has struggled to wow since Steve Jobs’s death

Published: September 10, 2013 / Author: Mendoza College

CNN interviews author of “Appletopia” and visiting marketing professor, Brett Robinson, about the new iPhone 5. Below is an excerpt from the interview. To watch the video visit: Apple has struggled to wow since Steve Jobs’s death

The new iPhone 5S sure is shiny, the iPhone 5C comes in a rainbow of colors, and both are loaded up with some new features. But they are not exactly revelations.

When Steve Jobs took the stage in 2007, the first iPhone was another game changing hit for the company and the CEO that took the world by storm.

“Every three or four years he felt like he had to come out with something totally new. Like he did with the Mac. Then he said let’s do the iPod, or the iPhone, or the iPad, things you never knew you were going to need,” Walter Isaacson, Jobs’s biographer, told CNN Money.

Since Jobs’s death in 2011, the company seems to have lost some of that vision.

“When you get to the 5th iteration of a device it loses some of it’s magic,” said Brett Robinson, author of Appletopia, and a visiting professor of marketing at the University of Notre Dame. “Now that the accountants and designers are running things, they’re trying to cobble together the next chapter, and I think they’re still struggling to find what that narrative is.”


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