Mendoza School of Business

Blockchain tech highlighted in new competition at Notre Dame

Published: April 23, 2018 / Author: The South Bend Tribune

The South Bend Tribune covered the Notre Dame MBA Tech Club’s inaugural MBA Technology Innovation Challenge, sponsored by Thomson Reuters. Read the full story here.

The MBA Tech Club at Notre Dame’s Mendoza College hopes to put South Bend on the map as a place known for creating new ideas in the field of technological innovation.

On Friday, the club kicked off Notre Dame’s IDEA Week with its inaugural Thomson Reuters MBA Tech Innovation Challenge, a case competition centered around using blockchain technology to change the way taxes are levied.

Blockchain technology, made popular by its use in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, serves as an encrypted ledger which is accessible to multiple parties. The competition cases focused on solving the issue of tax evasion and fraud in the European Union, where value-added taxes are levied on products as they move through different stages of production or distribution.