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Bridal registries take over role of bride’s mum

Published: February 27, 2013 / Author: ANI ANI

Earlier, the main role of the mother of the bride was to create the new home for the union of two families, but now bridal registries have taken over that task.

“By turning to bridal registries, we’ve outsourced to the marketplace the sacred traditions of planning and outfitting a new family space,” said Tonya Williams Bradford, assistant professor of marketing at the University of Notre Dame.

“For the retailer, it certainly has increased the revenue. And for the bride and groom, there is a broader net for who can participate, because all that is necessary is to communicate the registry website to potential gift-givers,” Bradford stated.

In her ethnographic study with Notre Dame Marketing Chair John Sherry recently, Bradford examined gift registries as part of a larger set of wedding rituals, and the implications of retailers playing a central role.

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