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ND Business Briefings: February 2023 alumni news and updates

Published: February 16, 2023 / Author: Brandi Wampler

Using data to make a difference

Adam Kramer’s (EMBA ‘21) career may have started as a news anchor in Panama Beach – a significant departure to his current position as CEO of nZero – but the throughline has always been the same: to make a difference in the world. 


Adam Kramer

For Kramer, this means helping companies as they are working to meet environmental, sustainability and corporate governance reporting (ESG) and other related goals. This can include everything from lowering pollution and CO2 output to reducing waste. Actually keeping track of and accounting those emission changes or pollution reduction is a challenge in itself and an issue companies are still trying to figure out.

nZero is a carbon data and sustainability platform that delivers accurate, 24/7 carbon accounting and emissions tracking. By gathering and reporting near-real-time data surrounding emissions, nZero is helping companies decipher their real output so they can best decide how to implement their plans for carbon reduction. Working for nZero, said Kramer, means that he can help organizations solve this meaningful problem.

“Being able to be a true partner for our customers is incredible because they’re able to achieve their corporate goals — and we get to help the planet,” said Kramer.

But making a difference through the business isn’t just an external venture, it’s also about being valuable to their employees. Each nZero employee holds equity in the business. Additionally, nZero strives to maintain a positive workplace culture by providing unlimited PTO (and actually encouraging people to use it) and gathering employee feedback to make nZero the best it can be.

Kramer attributes the Notre Dame Executive MBA program for expanding his skillset and developing a new network of like-minded friends. Those friends and former classmates, which include nZero’s Chief of Staff Matthew Gura (EMBA ‘21), continue to play a key role in establishing the carbon accounting and emissions tracking firm.

“Going back to get my Executive MBA at Notre Dame was a catalyst for me to leave my previous job and to join nZero,” said Kramer. “Through the program, I made lifelong friends who I can, and do, call anytime for help and advice as I continue to build nZero.”


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