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By referring a student, you strengthen Mendoza’s future

Published: November 15, 2016 / Author: Tim Ponisciak

At the University of Notre Dame and Mendoza College of Business, we rely on our strong alumni network to continue to pursue our mission. We are recognized for creating leaders who make their businesses and society a better place. With your support, Mendoza has expanded its curriculum, enhanced its resources, and grown in prestige as one of the world’s foremost institutes of business learning.

We invite you to become an active part of our Alumni Referral Program. You can use your knowledge and experience to convey the value and breadth of the Mendoza Graduate Business Programs to those who may be inclined to apply for admission. 

  • You know a great fit when you see one, so we ask you to identify candidates for Mendoza, whether they come from your place of employment, neighborhood, church, local ND alumni club or other organizations in which you participate.
  • For a profile of the kind of student best suited to each Mendoza Graduate Business program, this guide provides a quick overview.
  • To refer a student, simply share their name and email address with the Admissions team by completing the referral form. Admissions will reach out to them with information and, based on your referral, waive their application fee. 

Last year, our alumni referred 78 Mendoza Graduate School candidates to the College, and we are hoping to double or triple that number of referrals in 2017. Your support to this effort will ensure that Notre Dame continues to find and admit high quality future alumni for our Graduate Business Programs. 

To refer a prospective graduate business student, visit

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