Mendoza School of Business

Dean Carolyn Woo receives honorary degree of Doctor of Business Administration from Providence College

Published: May 21, 2006 / Author: Providence Staff

Carolyn Yauyan Woo, for 25 years you have been a remarkable force in business education at two of America’s premiere institutions of higher education. Your innovative teaching, research, and scholarship have established you as a fresh voice of change in the business world and as the only woman dean of a major business school.
Under your leadership, the University of Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business earned Business Week accolades as one of the top three undergraduate programs in the country. Ever faithful to the Catholic identity of the institution you so ably serve, you expanded ethics content in every facet of the curriculum, prompting the Aspen Institute to recognize the business school as having the most integrative approach to business ethics in the nation.

It is, however, your educational journey that most inspires. Your family fled mainland China for Hong Kong where you were educated by Maryknoll Sisters. You memorized large portions of Webster’s dictionary to learn English and cobbled together family funds – hoping to complete just one year of college in America. Six years and several scholarships later, you received your doctoral degree at age 25.   

You have championed many initiatives to provide college scholarships to deserving young people and are among 100 select Chinese-American leaders devoted to enhancing U.S.-China relations and promoting the full participation of Chinese-Americans in American life.

For these reasons, Father Chairman and Father President, the Corporation of Providence College presents Carolyn Yauyan Woo as one deemed worthy to receive the honorary degree of Doctor of Business Administration and requests you to confer upon her this degree together with all its rights and privileges.



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