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Going from paperless to the iPad

Published: September 10, 2010 / Author: Nadia Ibanez

Corey Angst is an assistant professor of management at the University of Notre Dame and debuted the University’s first and only class taught using Apple’s new wireless tablet computer to replace traditional textbooks. The students of his Project Management class are the guinea pigs for this study. The course is part of a year-long study, conducted by Notre Dame, of eReaders in the classroom. Participants of the study are evaluating the creation, distribution, consumption and usefulness of electronic course materials in an academic setting with a larger goal of creating an “ePublishing ecosystem” to better serve faculty, students and staff with technology.

“One unique thing we are doing is conducting research on the iPad,” Angst says on Notre Dame News. “We want to know whether students feel the iPads are useful and how they plan to use them. I want them to tell me, ‘I found this great app that does such and such.’ I want this to be organic…We have an online Wiki discussion group where students can share their ideas.”

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