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Gun makers, help keep weapons out of criminals’ hands

Published: January 30, 2013 / Author: Kevin CNN

Each year, about 30,000 people are killed and 300,000 violent crimes are committed with firearms. In economic terms, firearm violence — for things such as medical care, police, criminal justice, lost productivity, pain and suffering — costs $100 billion a year, according to studies by Johns Hopkins University and the Public Services Research Institute.

This reality tears at the social fabric of the United States, and Americans pay the social and psychological consequences. But the gun debate will continue to be a one-sided fight until the American public chooses to take action.

Most of the debate revolves around what government should do. But we can also look at the issue as a marketing problem. American consumers are the central part of a vast aggregate marketing system, and the central issue as it pertains to guns is power.

The gun lobby has wielded its power effectively, but the potentially powerful American consumer market has not. The gun lobby influences how guns are marketed and under which laws. The only difference between the gun lobby and concerned Americans is that the gun lobby — and thus the politicians supporting the gun lobby — pays attention to details.

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