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How IT will change when Gen Y runs the show

Published: August 23, 2010 / Author: Mary Pratt

The following excerpt from The New York Times quotes Carol Phillips, adjunct professor of marketing at the Mendoza College of Business. To read the entire column, visit:  How IT will change when Gen Y runs the show

Our generation will be a little bit more fun, encouraging, flexible, positive. There’ll be fewer meetings, more networking, more teams,” she says.

Flextime will be ubiquitous, and managers will support employees in their efforts to balance work with other interests. Good jobs will be those that always challenge. A day’s work will be measured by results, not hours at the desk.

Make no mistake: The workplace that this 27-year-old software developer envisions a decade out won’t look like the typical office of the 20th century. “If I were a manager in the future, I would focus on increasing motivation and community in the workplace,” she says. “I would try to emphasize the importance of employee get-togethers outside of [work] to promote a stronger sense of community and friendship. I think when you feel strongly about the workplace and the people involved, there is a sense of motivation that comes with that.”

Carol Phillips, president of market research firm Brand Amplitude and an adjunct professor of marketing at the University of Notre Dame, has studied millennials and what drives them. “They need frequent bite-size promotions, and things can’t be ambiguous. You have to tell them where the goal line is. They need it more than past generations,” she says.


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