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Intelligence briefing: Dr. Joe Urbany featured in leading marketing Intelligence magazine

Published: February 18, 2005 / Author: Ed Crowley

VERSAILLES, KY (OPENPRESS) February 19, 2005 — The February issue of the Intelligence Briefing, the only magazine dedicated to Marketing Intelligence, will feature an interview with Dr. Joe Urbany. Dr. Urbany is a professor of marketing at the University of Notre Dame and has been recognized by the Journal of Consumer Psychology as among the nation’s most productive and leading authors of consumer marketing research. He holds a Bachelors, Masters, and Ph.D. from Ohio State University and has authored many papers and publications related to buyer information, price perception, and competitive decision-making.

In this interview Dr. Urbany will discuss the role that competitive intelligence plays in the executive decision making process. According to the Intelligence Briefing’s editor, Ed Crowley, “Dr. Urbany provides a unique level of insight and depth to the topic of competitive intelligence and executive decision making. This interview is just one example of how the Intelligence Briefing is bringing the latest thinking in the field of Marketing Intelligence to the business community.”

The February issue is focused on the topic of competitive intelligence. Other articles in this issue include “Competitive Intelligence Blind Spots”, “Integrating Competitive Intelligence into the Marketing Intelligence Organization”, “Competitive Alerts”, and the use of competitive response as a lens into a company’s performance.

The Intelligence Briefing magazine is published by the Photizo Group. It has been developed as a tool to provide practitioners and executives with the latest techniques for integrating competitive intelligence, marketing research, business intelligence, and market analysis into a market intelligence framework for strategic and tactical decision making.


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