Mendoza School of Business

It all starts at the top: developing a successful business

Published: March 13, 2017 / Author: Woodworking Network

Chris Stevens, adjunct professor at the Mendoza College of Business at the University of Notre Dame, and developer of the Keurig Premium Coffee System, sat down and talked with Woodworking Network’s Matt Mikus about leadership’s critical role in a successful business, as well as the “Numbers That Matter.”


“The key to success for an entrepreneur is one of two things. Either fill a need or create a want. We don’t need $3.50 Starbucks lattes. But we want them, we want to be a part of that kind of environment for those people who drink coffee. And there had been no innovation for the coffee industry in a long time. We [Keurig] were able to offer variety, freshness, convenience, and improve productivity.  


So being able to satisfy a need that exists, or to really create a want out there is the key to success for an entrepreneur, and then you got to build the organization and the team to make that happen.”

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