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James Michael Krenn and Alexandra Bueso Pineda selected as winners of Notre Dame’s 2004 Fanning Scholarships

Published: September 27, 2004 / Author: James Center

James Michael Krenn of Golden Valley, Minnesota and Alexandra Bueso Pineda of San Pedro Sula, Honduras have been named recipients of the 2004 Eugene D. Fanning Scholarship at the University of Notre Dame.

Mr. Krenn is a member of the Class of 2004 and is studying Finance and Business Economics. Ms. Bueso, also a member of the Class of 2004, is also a Finance and Business Economics major. They were selected by the faculty of the Eugene D. Fanning Center in the Mendoza College of Business at Notre Dame for excellence in communication skills and exemplary personal characteristics. Six finalists were selected and the two winners were determined following faculty interviews with each.

The scholarships include a $4,000 credit to each student’s tuition account with the University and a commemorative pewter plate engraved with the student’s name and award, along with the heraldry of the College. The award, funded by donations from the University of Notre Dame‘s Business Advisory Council, honors the life and work of Eugene D. Fanning, a Chicago businessman and investor who taught business communication courses as a guest instructor in the business school from 1989 to 1995.

Mr. Krenn and Ms. Bueso are the 19 th and 20 th recipients of the scholarship, established in 1995.

For more on the scholarship and the Eugene D. Fanning Center, you are invited to visit the Center’s Website at


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