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LulzSec’s gone but its effect lives on

Published: June 28, 2011 / Author: Byron Acohido

companies and government agencies likely will have to rethink their approach to
tech security in the wake of the disbanding of hacktivist group LulzSec,
security analysts say.

on information technology security already is growing faster than spending on
general technology. And corporate and government tech buyers will have to dole
out even more to defend against profit-minded cyberthieves and spies looking to
swipe state and corporate secrets.

fact, global spending on security products and services is expected to reach
$71 billion by 2014, up from $55 billion today, according to Lawrence Pingree,
research director for Gartner.

recent hacking escapades of LulzSec underscore how hacktivists, motivated by
the desire to express an ideology, have shaped a new kind of threat that’s
gaining steam.

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