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MBA Job Placement Rates Trending Higher

Published: November 5, 2010 / Author: Alison Damast

The job market for 2010 MBA graduates made a slow but steady recovery this year, beginning to rebound from one of the worst MBA hiring seasons in recent history. All but three of Bloomberg Businessweek’s 30 top-ranked full-time MBA programs saw improvements in the percentage of students landing jobs within three months of graduation, according to the latest data reported to Bloomberg Businessweek.

The news was not all good, though, with the schools’ results showing an MBA job landscape that has significantly altered in the past two years. A surge in hiring later in the school year boosted many schools’ placement numbers, but few are back to their 2007 placement levels of 2007, a headier time before the financial crisis, when the vast majority of students landed multiple job offers and fat signing bonuses.

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