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NBA preseason gone – regular season next?

Published: October 5, 2011 / Author: Jeff Falgoust

Finance Professor Richard Sheehan, who specializes in the economics of sports, is quoted in this USA Today article about NBA players and owners reaching an agreement. To read the entire article visit: NBA preseason gone – regular season next?

NBA players union president Derek Fisher said Tuesday would be a “very huge day” for deciding if the regular season began as scheduled Nov. 1.

It’s not looking good.

Owners and players again failed to make progress toward ending the 3-month-old lockout, with the NBA canceling the remainder of the 114-game preseason schedule and targeting Monday for postponing the first two weeks of the regular season unless the sides can get back to talks.

Even holding talks is in doubt now. Players association executive director Billy Hunter said the next could even be a month or two months out.

Quote from Richard Sheehan: The players are “currently getting 57% (of BRI), so you’re … talking about a 17.5% cut if the pot doesn’t grow,” Sheehan said. “If the pot does grow, why do the owners need to take a bigger slice? I’m kind of mystified by the owners’ intransigence.”


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