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New Study: Your Work Stress Isn’t Your Boss

Published: September 18, 2012 / Author: Susan Adams

The following is an excerpt from an article in Forbes that quotes Management Professor Tim Judge on his research that work related stress could be related to a person’s genetic ‘code’ and not their boss. To read the entire article visit: New Study: Your Work Stress Isn’t Your Boss.

Do you feel stressed at work? Since the global recession hit in 2008, many of us have had to shoulder increased workloads, as our companies have laid off our colleagues and insisted we take on more responsibility. We’re working longer hours under more pressure from bosses. Round-the-clock texting and emailing has made things worse. A survey released today by staffing firm Right Management shows that more than one third of workers (37%) regularly get weekend emails from their bosses who expect them to respond. Another third of workers say that they sometimes receive such emails. How could you not feel stressed in such an environment?


According to Tim Judge, changing jobs to get away from stress probably won’t work unless you can accept your own predispositions to feeling beleaguered. This doesn’t mean that if you feel overwhelmed by stress, that you shouldn’t seek out a less stressful job, he says. “However we also shouldn’t assume that we’re ‘a blank slate’ and therefore be overly optimistic about what the work environment can and can’t do as far as stress is concerned.” Judge maintains that the level of stress we feel has more to do “with what’s inside of us than what we encounter outside in the work environment.”


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