Mendoza School of Business

Notre Dame graduate business school evolves program offerings to meet changing STEM landscape

Published: April 12, 2022 / Author: Carol Elliott


Since earning its first STEM designation in 2017, the Mendoza College of Business has continued to evolve STEM-related options available to students. As a result, the Notre Dame MBA will no longer offer the dual-degree MBA/Master of Science in Business Analytics program as of the 2022 academic year.

The decision was made primarily due to changes in the full-time Notre Dame MBA program that have created a variety of STEM options within the MBA program without the need to complete two degrees, as well as reduced demand for the dual-degree option in recent years.

“When the MBA/MSBA program launched in 2017, we were aiming to support students who were looking for an opportunity to complete an MBA with a STEM designation,” said Mike Mannor, associate dean for MBA Programs at Mendoza College of Business. “At the time, there was resistance across the collegiate landscape to supporting STEM designations for business degree programs. The MBA/MSBA was an innovative way to answer the growing demand by business graduate students for such options.”

However, Mannor added, the rise of STEM-designated MBAs across a wide range of business schools has changed the landscape over the past few years. The full-time Notre Dame MBA program currently has STEM opportunities in business analytics, finance, and digital marketing and marketing analytics.

As a result, the dual-degree STEM format became unnecessary and less attractive for students, Mannor said.

“We are confident that our Two-Year MBA format can provide students with outstanding training in STEM disciplines, including advanced training in statistical analysis, data visualization and predictive analytics, as well as a host of applied experiences,” said Mannor.

Students already admitted to the MBA/MSBA will be allowed to either complete the program as intended or to transition to the full-time MBA program. For well-prepared future students who are interested in finishing both the MBA and the MSBA in two years, Mendoza will continue to offer the opportunity to complete the residential One-Year MBA program and the one-year MSBA program consecutively, thus earning two degrees in two years.

Currently admitted MBA/MSBA students will also retain any awarded fellowships, including the prestigious Meyer Fellowship given to select members of the incoming class who demonstrate the highest outstanding academic performance and leadership potential. Meyer Fellows receive a full tuition fellowship plus a stipend of $21,000 per year in the program.

Applications for the Notre Dame MBA and Notre Dame MSBA are being accepted for the programs until May 3, 2022 (and on a rolling basis upon request afterward).

The Notre Dame MBA, ranked No. 25 in U.S. News & World Report’s 2023 “Best Business Schools” list of top MBA programs, develops business leaders who seek to Grow the Good in Business™ by contributing to human flourishing, cooperating with others in solidarity and competing toward becoming the best version of themselves through serving others. Founded in 1967, the program offers an academic experience that integrates experiential learning, integral leadership development and a community of mutual advancement.

Located in the Mendoza College of Business, the MBA program is offered in two residential formats: the accelerated One-Year MBA for students who want to advance in their current job function or industry and the Two-Year MBA for those seeking to better prepare for a long-term career in business. Dual-degree programs also are available. For more information about the Notre Dame MBA, contact the program at 574-631-8488 or email