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Notre Dame Revises Business Program

Published: May 12, 2011 / Author: Mendoza College

It used to be that
only top executives made strategic decisions about the company’s operations.
With the increasing impact and complexity of global business, that’s no longer
the case. On a daily basis, leadership at all levels must be able to design and
implement resilient, strategic plans that take into account the dynamics of
today’s business climate.

In response to
this changing requirement, the Notre Dame Executive MBA, offered by the Mendoza
College of Business at the University of Notre Dame, has redesigned its
curriculum to emphasize strategic-thinking skills and the ability to effect
strategies through strong values-based leadership. The new curriculum will take
effect in August 2011 for the incoming South Bend class of 2013 and the Notre
Dame Chicago EMBA program that begins in January 2012.

“This curriculum
is designed to develop a senior management perspective in our students over the
course of two years,” said Paul C. Velasco, director of Notre Dame Executive
Education Degree Programs. “Given the complexities and fluidity of the global
business climate, effective business leaders must do more than consume
information. It’s vitally important that they understand how to interpret and
use information to make critical business choices on a daily basis. They must
also be able to create a flexible, resilient implementation strategy.”

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