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Notre Dame spirit gets Gartman letter mention

Published: April 25, 2008 / Author: Carol Newswriting

Peter Amstutz (MBA 2009) has been a fan of The Gartman Letter for the last five years, so he thought it would be a great idea to invite editor and publisher Dennis Gartman to Mendoza College of Business to talk to Amstutz’s fellow MBA candidates.

Gartman provides an influential voice in the global capital market industry. More than 2,000 leading banks, brokerage firms, hedge funds, mutual funds, energy and grain trading companies around the world subscribe to the Gartman Letter to gain perspective into the dynamic circumstances affecting the markets.

But the day after his visit, readers also learned a bit about Notre Dame when Gartman posted the following note:

TRAVELING HOME FROM NOTRE DAME: Mr. Gartman is traveling home from the University of Notre Dame this morning, where he spoke to the MBA class there yesterday (April 21, 2008). When we fear for the future of the country, all it takes is a trip to one of our great universities to see the quality and enthusiasm of the students there to know that we are leaving the country in truly excellent hands. A night’s walk to the Grotto, or a stroll through the Basilica on campus is an experience everyone should have, and which these young people have every day and are far the better for it.

“Our MBA Finance & Investments Club invites top-notch speakers to our program. Pete did a wonderful job getting Dennis here and I got bombarded by e-mails from the rather impressed recipients of his letter when they saw the Notre Dame comment,” said Patrick Perrella, senior associate director in MBA Career Development. “Obviously our students had a positive affect on Dennis, just as he did on us.”

Gartman spoke to about 50 students and faculty members during his visit to Notre Dame, sharing his outlook for the markets and commenting on a range of current economic issues, from the housing market to surging commodity prices.

Amstutz said those attending also gained some useful career advice, particularly those who plan to work in the financial services industry. “He discussed what helped him achieve his success and some things for us to remember when investing,” he said. “We were truly fortunate to have such an experienced trader come and talk to us.”



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