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Notre Dame to cap business majors

Published: March 31, 2014 / Author: Margaret Fosmoe

Starting in 2015, the University of Notre Dame will cap the number of undergraduate students admitted to the Mendoza College of Business at 550 per class.

The change is in response to increased growth in recent years in undergraduate enrollment in the business college, said Don Bishop, associate vice president for undergraduate enrollment.

The College of Arts & Letters remains Notre Dame’s largest college or school, attracting nearly 4 out of 10 undergraduates. But about 27 percent of undergraduates are now business majors and that number has been growing.

With this change, Notre Dame will be moving in line with what most of its peer institutions — selective private universities with top business programs — have been doing for years in terms of requiring applicants to be approved at admission in order to major in business.

“With the lone exception of Notre Dame, they have all had a selective admissions process. We were the only ones not doing it,” Bishop said.

Currently, Notre Dame students are admitted to the First Year of Studies, not to an individual school or college. All applicants are asked to make an indication of the degree they are likely to seek. There presently is no limit on the number of students who can declare a business major, or transfer into any other college or school.

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