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Notre Dame welcomes retirees back to the classroom

Published: September 18, 2018 / Author: The Observer

Management professor Chris Stevens’ work as co-founder of Notre Dame’s new Inspired Leadership Initiative was featured in The Observer.

“For people who have had an accomplished life — maybe a career in business, or law, or medicine, or non-profit — and they’ve done it for 30 years or so and they want to pivot and do something different, there [was] no place for them to go until Harvard started [its] program about 10 years ago and then Stanford started their version of the program about five years ago,” Stevens said. “We feel like we can do it here at Notre Dame. It really is filling an unmet need. The retirement model is totally outdated. People who are 55 to 60 have maybe another 20, 25 years of life left to them.”