Mendoza School of Business

Notre Dame’s business school launches two Ph.D. programs

Published: June 22, 2021 / Author: Carol Elliott

The launch of a new doctoral program in business is not just a rare event; for the University of Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business, the launch of two new Ph.D. programs is historic.

“The two first-ever doctoral programs at Mendoza not only fulfill a vision for the College that goes back at least 50 years, they also signal a new era,” said Martijn Cremers, the Martin J. Gillen Dean of the Mendoza College of Business. “The Ph.D. programs will allow our faculty to help prepare the next generation of scholars and teachers and will further elevate our research culture and further advance our reputation as a top research institution.”


Martijn Cremers

Mendoza has launched the Doctor of Philosophy in Management to be awarded by the Department of Management & Organization and the Doctor of Philosophy in Analytics to be awarded by the Department of IT, Analytics, and Operations. Both programs are accepting applications now, for a Fall 2022 matriculation.

The core mission of the programs is to prepare doctoral students for careers in academia at leading business schools where publishing research in top academic journals is prioritized. The programs will also prepare students to work in government or industry. The programs will prioritize developing faculty whose academic research aligns with the College’s imperative to “Grow the Good in Business” by contributing to human flourishing with solidarity for all stakeholders, especially the most vulnerable.

“Our faculty are incredibly excited to begin collaborating with and mentoring doctoral students,” said Jason Colquitt, the Franklin D. Schurz Professor of Management, who will serve as director of the Ph.D. in Management program. “We have a diverse and talented faculty who study topics like meaning, resilience, trust, ideology, ethics, activism, humility, reputation, justice and social responsibility. We will, however, encourage students to follow their own passions as they launch their research careers.”

“The field of analytics is without question one that is having a profound impact on business and society,” said Ahmed Abbasi, the Joe and Jane Giovanini Professor of IT, Analytics, and Operations, who will serve as director of the Ph.D. in Analytics program. “As one of the premiere analytics departments, with world-class faculty, cutting-edge research labs, and unparalleled industry connections, we are well positioned to mentor doctoral students on research that tackles important problems using contemporary analytics methods.”

The programs are structured to be small and cohort-based, with a strong focus on mentorship and the opportunity to work closely with faculty on academic research. Targeted enrollment in each program is about two students every year.

Additional details include:

Ph.D. in Management: Students will gain foundational knowledge in the field of Management, which includes Organizational Behavior and Strategy & Entrepreneurship. They will be encouraged to conduct academic research that is impactful, supports human flourishing, and contributes to employee thriving and organizational effectiveness. The curriculum includes courses in the M&O department as well as potential courses in other departments within Mendoza and across campus.

Ph.D. in Analytics: The program will develop thought leaders in the analytics space who are engaged in impactful, cutting-edge research that considers the ethical dimension of data and its usage. Students will gain foundational knowledge in the field of analytics, which integrates theories and methods from statistical, empirical, analytical and technical research in disciplines such as information systems, operations management and beyond. They will take ITAO courses as well as elective courses in other departments within Mendoza and across campus.

“It’s exciting that our faculty will be able to help form the next generation of faculty who will have a profound effect on the business environment through their research and through teaching future business leaders,” said Cremers.

For more information, visit the program websites, Ph.D. in Management and Ph.D. in Analytics.